As I've been mentioning, I'm working on a project. Things have been going great except one thing. It copies files around the project directory as you build your project for multiple platforms. Here is what NERDTree looks like in my Vim.

▸ app/                   <-- My AngularJS app files
▸ bin/                   <-- Some scripts to help run other tasks
▾ development/           <-- Holds copies of the build src dir
  ▸ android/             <--  ....for android
  ▸ ios/                 <--    ....and ios
  ▸ web/                 <--      ....and the web
▸ node_modules/          <-- All the NodeJS bits I'm using
▸ release/               <-- Packaged apps for each platform
▸ src/                   <-- My actual source files
▸ test/                  <-- My Tests

So I care about three of those directories: app, src, and test. To some extent I care about bin, but the others I don't really care about. Now I don't use NERDTree that much. It's nice and useful, but the more useful plugin for me is CtrlP.

CtrlP is awesome. I love it, but with 4 copies of my source, I'm constantly selecting the wrong version of my file. I wanted to ignore them from both CtrlP and NERDTree, but I don't want to always ignore development. Luckily my buddy turned me onto a possible solution; Per-project .vimrc files.

There are plent of articles on the Google that will help you set it up, but here's what I did and is so far working great.

I added this to my ~/.vimrc:

set exrc            " enable per-directory .vimrc files
    set secure          " disable unsafe commands in local .vimrc files

Then added this to my .vimrc in the project directory:

let g:ctrlp_custom_ignore = '\v[\/](release|node_modules|development)$'           " Ignores for CtrlP
    let NERDTreeIgnore=['development$', 'node_modules$', 'release$', '\.vim$', '\~$'] " Ignores for NERDTree

That's it. It works great. CtrlP is now always getting the right file and NERDTree has a lot less noise.

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